Air plane tea set

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10 pieces of delicious teas in air plane shaped tea bags.

Obecnie brak na stanie


Piękne i przepyszne herbaty!

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Air plane tea set

10 pieces of delicious teas in air plane shaped tea bags.

A set of 10 teas in air plane shaped tea bags. Let yourself be enchanted by our lovely teas!  The whole set is packaged in a lovely box with a floral motif.

Inside you will find amazing blends of our teas in 5 flavours:

English Breakfast Tea (x4) - A traditional English breakfast tea. It is characterized by a full, strong and distinctive flavor. Ideal for consumption in the morning, it provides stimulation and a good start for the day. Black tea improves concentration and helps reduce the feeling of fatigue. Ingredients: black tea.

Jasmine (x2) - Green tea naturally flavored by adding fresh jasmine flowers. This aromatic infusion is popular for its unique healthy qualities and positive effects on our beauty. It has a calming, relaxing and de-stressing effect. Ingredients: green tea, jasmine, gardenia.

Black tea with raspberry (x2) - Black tea with intense raspberry flavor will provide an amazing experience, any admirer of this fruit will immediately fall in love with it! Perfectly warms up the body, recommended when battling a cold. Wonderfully fragrant, it goes perfectly with an afternoon cake. Ingredients: Black tea, raspberry.

Black tea with cherry (x1) - This is a combination of black tea with the taste of freshly picked cherries with a delicate hint of sweetness, all based on delicious Ceylon tea. Perfect for any time of the day. Ingredients: Black tea, cherry.

Black tea with rose petals (x1)- Traditional black tea with rose petals acquires delicacy and unique flavor. The aroma of rose pleasantly relaxes and is something of an aphrodisiac. It will be perfect in the evening with a romantic dinner. Ingredients: Black tea, rose petals.

Method of preparation: Pour hot water (200ml) over one tea bag, wait 7-8 minutes for it to brew. Savor the amazing aroma and taste, enjoy!

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