Truck shaped tea bag.

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A tea bag in the shape of a truck.



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Truck shaped tea bag.

A tea bag in the shape of a truck.

We invite you to discover an extraordinary taste adventure with our truck-shaped tea with a unique combination of black tea and raspberry. This is not only a unique drink, but also a real treat for lovers of original sensations.

Our tea truck is masterfully crafted with black tea, which combined with juicy raspberries creates the perfect combination of flavors. The delicate and aromatic black tea delivers a strong character, while the raspberries add a sweet and fruity flavor. This surprising combination will revitalize your palate, as well as stimulate your senses.

The shape of the truck gives this tea a unique charm and fun. It is not only a beverage, but also a decorative piece that will add a unique style to your cup. Perfect for children and adults alike, our truck-shaped tea is sure to excite and delight.

You can enjoy it at any time of the day - during a relaxing evening, while at work or when meeting friends. Experience an extraordinary flavor journey with our tea.

 Ingredients: Black tea, raspberry.

One tea bag, weight 1,5g.