Gratitude for guests

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Heart-shaped tea with decorative tag.



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Gratitude for guests

Heart-shaped tea with decorative tag.

Thank your guests for coming in a unique way! Bestow them with an unusual tea in the shape of a heart. In culture and tradition, the heart is a symbol of love, friendship, affection and life.

It is good to have well-wishers around you, it is worth appreciating and thanking them for their presence!

The tea has a lovely shimmering gold tag, which adds elegance. In the bag you will find delicious English Breakfast Tea - a traditional English breakfast tea. It is characterized by a full, strong and distinctive taste. Ideal for consumption in the morning, it provides stimulation and a good start for the day!

The tea will be great as a gift for guests as a way to thank them for coming to a wedding, communion, baptism or anniversary. It can also make a nice gift for a baby shower, bachelorette party or birthday!

It is also possible to personalize the design and add elements such as names and date. For individual orders, please feel free to contact us at e-mail:

Listed price is for one piece, choose the quantity you are interested in.

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