Lemon Confit Teabag

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Delicious tea confit.

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Lemon Confit Teabag

Delicious tea confit.


The confit is handmade. The lemons, in order to obtain their unique flavor, are peeled without the use of machines to very carefully remove the bitter albedo. The jam is made only from the flesh of the fruit, without the addition of the peel. The addition of natural vanilla, reveals contrasting flavor notes against the acidity of the fruit. 

Indulge your taste buds with a unique experience of the intensity of lemon paradise with our unique Lemon Jam. Created with attention to the highest quality and freshness of ingredients, this jam is a true masterpiece in taste and aroma.

Our lemon jam takes you on a journey through the freshness of a fruit orchard, delivering the authentic taste of natural ingredients. The product is versatile and will work well as an addition to breakfast, dessert, or even as an ingredient in unique culinary dishes. It goes well with toast, pastries, and as an accompaniment to cheese or yogurt. However, above all, it tastes best with your favorite tea!

The jam is sealed in a stylish jar, which not only protects freshness, but also adds elegance to your kitchen. Ideal as a gift for lovers of unique flavors and high quality food products.

Discover a new dimension of taste with our Lemon Jam - a true explosion of freshness and intensity of lemon flavor. Order today and immerse yourself in a culinary adventure!

Ingredients: lemon pulp, sugar, lime, vanilla. Nutritional value in 100g: energy value

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