Tea in a yellow tube

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Tea in a yellow tube

Choose your favorite flavor..

Each tea is packaged in an elegant yellow tube with a floral motif. Product weight 100g. Choose your favorite flavor:

Earl Grey: This rich blend of black tea is complemented by the light, fresh character of bergamot. It is one of the most cherished and well-known compositions among tea lovers. It will be perfect for breakfast, as well as for dinner.

China Gunpowder:An absolute classic and the most widely consumed green tea in the world. It is characterized by a distinct bitter flavor and golden colored infusion. The leaves are rolled into balls that unfurl soon after brewing. It will work great as a morning tea.

China Jasmine:The tea is naturally flavored by adding fresh jasmine flowers. The flowers are then separated from the tea during the drying process. This aromatic infusion is becoming increasingly popular not only for its unique health properties and positive effects on our beauty, but also for its taste. It is an excellent option after a hearty meal. The aroma from jasmine flowers has a calming, relaxing and relaxing effect.

Hibiscus: An infusion of hibiscus is a wonderfully refreshing drink containing many health properties. It shows anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, moreover, it contains a lot of vitamin C and improves immunity. Dried hibiscus flower gives an intense red-colored infusion, which, when cooled, will be perfect for hot summer days due to its mildly sour taste.

Fruit Berry Mix: The combination of twelve varieties of juicy and delicious berries makes this fruit blend a true taste sensation. Sweet blueberries, aromatic blackberries, sloe berries and elderberries provide a wonderfully deep red tea. Perfect for any time of day.

Refreshing Rooibos: A delicious rooibos base refined with the aroma of yuzu citrus. This blend inspires a light and pleasant citrus note. Sweet apple complements the flavor, making the blend an extraordinary taste sensation. The infusion tastes great cold and is perfectly refreshing on hot summer days.

English Breakfast Tea: A traditional English breakfast tea. It is characterized by a full, strong and distinctive flavor. Ideal for consumption in the morning, it provides a boost and a good start to the day

Wild Berry: In this fruity combination, the flavor of wild berries is perfectly complemented by apple pieces and hibiscus. A fruity explosion of flavor, it stimulates many senses with its color and aroma. Highly recommended for lovers of fruity compositions, ideal for any time of day.

Cherry Cassis: This is a perfect combination of the sweetness of pineapple, apple and cranberry, complemented by the distinct taste of cherries and hibiscus. This colorful composition is perfect for any time of day and will delight many a palate.

Raspberry Lavender: In this delicious blend, delicate lavender highlights the fruity flavor of ripe raspberries. A wonderfully fragrant, delicious and aromatic tea that pairs perfectly with cake in the afternoon.

Queen of Mint:The taste of fresh mint with a fruity aroma creates an amazing composition. You will find pieces of apples, strawberries, raspberries and rose petals. Mint has many health properties, including aiding digestion and relieving migraine headaches.

Evening star:The combination of lemon balm with lemongrass and lime blossom gives a wonderful taste sensation. Thanks to its health-enhancing properties, lemon balm calms, soothes nerves and aids concentration. It is worth drinking in the evening, as it makes it easier to fall asleep and has a beneficial effect on sleep.

Cranberry:The richness of the natural substances contained in cranberry fruit, combined with apple pieces and hibiscus flowers, captivates with a subtle yet harmonious taste. Cranberry fruit exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties, and is also a natural source of vitamin C.

Power of herbs:This herbal composition is dominated by chamomile, which is traditionally attributed with calming and anti-inflammatory properties. The blend is enriched with the fresh citrus flavor of lemongrass. Recommended for busy people looking for a moment of respite.

Japanese Cherry Blossom:It is one of the most exclusive white teas. Delicate in flavor with a light yellow infusion color. It positively affects the appearance of the complexion and improves the mood, and has a stimulating effect.

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